Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Uncharted territory

Tomorrow marks 27 weeks and I had an OB visit today. She was SO excited to see me at this point. Uncharted territory is what she called it. It HAS been 4 years!

Things are going well. I do have a low-lying placenta, which isn't as dangerous as the placenta previa I had with Chase's pregnancy, but it still warrants watching. I'm measuring larger than normal too. As the doctor said, this girl's an over-achiever...I think someone told her that she was only rated a 3- or 2+ on a 5 point scale as an embryo and she's making up for lost growing time :-).

The really exciting news is that my appointments are now 2 weeks apart. I can't believe that we're to that point already! And in other ways it seems to have taken years to get here. I have my moments where I wonder if I'll remember how to change a diaper, latch on a baby, or care for the umbilical cord (thankfully there is no circumcision to deal with here). I'm sure it'll be natural again in no time--and God's timing may not be mine--but it's perfect.

Uncharted territory isn't always a bad thing.